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 Inside-Out Spring Roll Salad I love Asian food :)


Чтобы человек жил, ему недостаточно иметь красивые вещи и одеваться от кутюр, ездить на Канары, посещать дискотеки, ему нужно ещё и кушать. Наполнить свой желудок едой и почувствовать себя сытым и радостным в современном мире не стоит большого труда. Главное - уметь правильно и сбалансировано питаться, сохранять фигуру, выглядеть моложе своих лет и чувствовать себя здоровым.

Fruit and nuts in salads, love it!
Oatmeal is one of the beat things ever.
muffintop-less: “I read a study recently that compared groups of people that ate egg breakfasts vs groups of people that ate cereal or bagel-based breakfasts.  The results of the study showed that the egg eaters lost or maintained a healthier bodyweight, while the cereal/bagel eaters gained weight. It was hypothesized that the egg eaters actually ate less calories during the remainder of the day because their appetite was more satisfied compared to the cereal/bagel eaters who would have been more prone to wild blood sugar swings and food cravings. But what about the extra calories in the yolks? This is actually a non-issue and here’s why… even though egg yolks contain more calories than just eating the egg whites, the yolks have such a high micro-nutrient density in those calories, that it increases your overall nutrient density per calorie you consume.  Essentially, what this does is help to regulate your appetite for the remainder of the day, so you end up eating less calories overall.  In addition, the healthy fats in the egg yolks help to maintain a good level of fat-burning hormones in your body. Overall, this means that the extra fats (healthy fats) and calories from the yolk are so nutrient-dense that they actually HELP you to burn off body fat!” - Mike Geary How cute are these? Good to hear because I eat eggs! Thanks muffin topless!
This looks delish!
goinghealthyforlife: omg, this looks SOOOOOO amazing …  Yum! I love salads.

I decided to make a picture college of what the truffles should look like. The recipe can be found here.Translation; I wanted to make more truffles and procrastinate isn’t of doing my assignments.  
sexifoods: Chai Spiced Porridge with Fruit
prettybalanced: Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese I must make this. I love butternut squash!
purelybiotic: Vegan French toast with blueberries Yum :)
liminalbeauty: Summer. Get in mah belly! Yum! Fruit is one of my favorite foods!
 Roasted Zucchini and Broccoli with Salad

mybodyinprogress: love tofu 
purelyreal: :o OMG!
skinnyhealth: Sun-Dried Tomato & Cashew-Basil ‘Ricotta’ Pizza Next time I go grocery shopping…you can guarantee I’m buying the ingredients to make this pizza.