Once in the morning I woke up and thought


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Once in the morning I woke up and thought...

...that it would be very nice if you could spend this day with me 

so, let's have a morning bath

and some nice breakfast

which probably will not be that orthodox

not that traditional

though it'll still be as delicious as a usual one

then we'll take a ride

and see something new 

some places we've never seen before

oops... nowadays they may look more like this

but there is such a little difference between dream and reality for a loving heart

let's feel the taste of something you've never felt

I'll make you an offer you won't be able to refuse 

and then, as the night will fall on a tired city

we'll still be there together

we'll dress up out best clothes

take the most essential things

and make ourselves casually beautiful

in the city of concrete and glass

we will rock it hard

try different things

act like a children, though we're not

and have fun in the halfdark of our room, like children would never do

you will tell me some stupid things

and we will sleep together

and when the morning comes

we will start it all over again

so... do you like the idea, darling?

I hope you do. Because I love you.